Delivery and Returns


The Consumer Contracts Regulations have been in place since the 13th June 2014 and as such govern all purchase made through

Anyone who purchases an item from one of the sellers on has the right to cancel an order for goods made at distance starts when you receive the goods and lasts for 14 days thereafter.

You have the right to a refund within 14 days of either the seller getting the goods back or you having evidence that you have sent them back, such as proof of postage from the post office.

The seller will not cover the cost of returning any item to them from the purchaser, with the only exception being the product is faulty.


Consumer Contracts

Regulations are where either perishable items and tailor-made or personalised items have been made for you or if a product contains a seal and it is broken such as media containing data or for hygiene reasons.

The golden rule on goHoppity is please contact the seller direct and explain why you wish to return the items.  goHoppity in no way take responsibility for the sale and is a service that facilitates the sale between both parties but is not responsible for its completion.


Delivery of goods

The Consumer Act (2015) governs the conditions of the goods until they have been received by the purchaser.  This means all the sellers are responsible for the items purchased from them until they reach the purchaser.  

The default delivery period for products is 30 days, however if the product item does not arrive within this period then the purchaser is entitled to a full refund from the seller.


Returning faulty goods

If any goods arrive and they are either faulty or the description does not accurately match that of the item received then the purchaser has the right to claim directly from the seller that they can send back the item to the seller and be provided a refund. These rights are in addition to the other legal rights listed above.

goHoppity would like to remind all purchasers of products that most of the clothes on our site will be second hand and as such this will be detailed in the description.  Please keep that in mind when determining if the product was not accurately described.

Remember we are here to help, so if you feel a seller is not being fair please drop us an email and we will do our best to mediate the situation where possible.

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