Who are we?

We live in Scotland and are blessed with having two children.  Like many parents we juggle work life in between running around after the children. Our son is four years old and our daughter is only one, so we don’t get much time to ourselves.


What gave us the idea to set up the goHoppity Marketplace?

Hand Crafted

Over the last four years we have taken the opportunity to purchase a few amazing products from artesian sellers.  These items range from hand made blankets; pictures for their bedrooms and of course hand designed clothing.  We have mainly found these amazing sellers by either word of mouth at toddler groups or by chance through facebook.

Having looked into where most of these sellers hang out we found that the usual marketplaces were often charging very high entry fees and then taking a proportion of the fees from each sale made, which we don’t agree with.  Therefore, this was one of the main motivations behind goHoppity to provide a very simple model to allow small or even tiny businesses to market their amazing hand crafted products directly to us parents.

We will never take any of the sale proceeds from our sellers and the only transaction costs will be for the payment transfer services provided to us by Stripe, which process card payments securely online and are the cheapest we have come across.


Parent to Parent Trading

When our son was born, we soon amassed a huge amount of clothes, with most of them being 0-3 months.  However, we soon realised there were so many clothes that he didn’t get a chance to wear.  This was mainly brought about by the fact that he grew so fast and we were still in a bit of a shell shocked state as we adjusted to parent life.  So, lots of clothes got put in his cupboard never to see the light of day until it was too late.

But not to worry, we always hoped we may have a second child one day, so we carefully grouped together the clothes into age groups and then we put them into a vacuum bag for second time around.  This seamed a brilliant solution until we had our daughter!

Once we got our breath again, we thought we should try and sell some of them as most of them were brand new or had so little wear that they were still in as new condition.  Having tried Facebook, Gumtree and even trying the odd car boot sale we realised there is really no safe way to sell clothes on to other parents.  I also didn’t like the fact that strangers would be turning up at my door whilst one of us was at home alone with the children to buy clothes.  Often people would want to come into the house to inspect the clothing and then it was common place to barter on the price.

We also looked at eBay, but again the pages were swamped with sellers from other countries usually selling cheap products and we were just lost in the sea until the last few minutes of auctions.  We have also seen Facebook Marketplace but having direct experience of trying to buy/sell on there we found often clothing was just put in large lots (bags) so we had to take lots of unwanted clothes as a job lot.

It was just then we thought, you know there is really no place dedicated for parents who are in the United Kingdom to trade with other parents.  So we thought we would set it up. 

We also really liked the idea of giving a place for parents to give clothing away for free to others without the stigma or attracting the type of comments you commonly see on Facebook when this is offered.


goHoppity Community

We want to build an online community where our principles are simple and central to everything we do:

  1. Only people who live in the UK will be able to buy and sell on goHoppity.
  2. Items will be posted to the buyer and paid for securely online.
  3. Buyers don’t pay any fees to goHoppity ever.
  4. Sellers pay a monthly subscription fee and then list an unlimited number of items for that month.

We have set up a facebook group where even if you don’t want to join our website, we would be delighted to welcome you there to exchange views with other parents about their #parentshop or one of our specially selected handcrafted shops selling bespoke products to you.


Giving back

  1. As part of our commitment to give back, if we cover the costs of running goHoppity for the year we will donate 5% to a charity of the top sellers choice.
  2. We would encourage all sellers to consider listing items for free, so other parents can access these clothes and only pay the postage.